Pregnancy and Birth

canstockphoto9184471Package #1

Pregnancy support and Birth preparation

Three pre-natal visits which will cover; Getting to know each other, investigating birth desires and fears, creating a birth vision (plan), taking a look at your care providers management of birth, expanding birth knowledge in relation to pain management, the hormones of birth, and the role of our pelvis in birth, unlimited online support, assistance researching options and reflecting on decisions, birth support preperation.


Package #2

This package provides you with a 24/7 service on call doula from 38 weeks of pregnancy. During your pregnancy I will be available online to assist with your personal preparation leading up to 32 weeks.  After 32 weeks I will come to you and meet in person for a  birth preparation appointment.  Once you are in labour I will come to you in your home or at the hospital and will support you emotionally, physically, and mentally during your labour.   Following your birth I will also come to you and discuss your birth and your current feelings and thoughts.  I will also provide you with products that will assist in your healing.


Package #3

Support in Pregnancy, Birth, and the Post natal periods.

If you are wanting to make a full commitment to complete continues doula care, this package includes an abundance of modern fact based information, ancient wisdom, and dedicated
emotional and physical care before during and after birth.  I work with you during pregnancy to be vulnerable, connected yet secure.  During you post natal period I use practices to increase bonding within the family, breastfeeding success, and pelvic health.  As a fully trained post natal doula I am confident to care for your baby so you can rest, alternatively I am happy to roll up my sleeves and do some housework so you can enjoy your babe.  This package allows for a genuine organic connection between me and my clients and their additional support people.  Three antenatal appointments, your birth, and two post natal appointments.