Doula Services

birth-postnatal-doula-gridIn the village I offer a large range of doula services.  Monthly I offer a free village gathering  to met and talk to those interested in my services and the amazing benefits a doula can provide.

If your are wanting for a fearless, connected, and conscious pregnancy, birth, and post natal period than you have come to the right place.  My services are divided in to Pregnancy and Birth, Birth and Post Natal, and Additional services.

Pregnancy and Birth packages cover women who feel they want the extra benefits of having a
rdoula while not having me attend her birth.  For those wanting a  doula to companion them from early pregnancy right through to the post natal period, I would be honoured to attend you.


Birth and Post Natal packages cover attendance immediately following birth (including NICU or SCN if applicable) and a more extended post natal service.  This covers newborn childcare, light house duties, shopping, breastfeeding support, help building your village support, and post birth recovery support


Additional services include items such as sibling doulas (for hospital and homebirths), mother
blessings, and attendance to medical appointments, and additional hours and village hours as a family doula.