Family Doula


Have you ever thought to yourself “I need a personal assistant!” “It takes a village to raise a child, but where’s my village?”  We are so busy and so isolated these days, we have abandoned our villages for industrious suburbs and cities.  It is now dawning on us that industry cannot love our children, cook dinner, tidy, or organise.  This is when a family doula can assist.  Having a birth doula is such a special experience and I personally care deeply for every family I support during their pregnancy, birth, and post natal period.  I would  really like to carry this caring in to everyday life.

When you hire me as a family doula, you are not getting a nanny or a cleaner, you are inviting me in to your life in order for me to get to know your family and all of your unique needs.  It is an organic process that only gets better with time.

Ask yourself if you could clone you, what would you have you do?

I also offer village time, if I am able to integrate a task you have in to my family routine this service is charged at a much lower rate.  For example shopping, I am happy to do this with my family shopping.  Child minding when I’m with my children also.

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