Bereavement Birth


Providing pregnancy, birth, and post natal support for women who experience pregnancy loss, stillbirth, perinatal, neonatal, and infant loss.

The information on this page is to answer any questions you may have about what services a bereavement doula may provide.  If you have come to this page because you are walking the path of loss, I am sending so much strength and love to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always her to provide a non judgemental, authentic, and kind connection.

  • Support that begins during pregnancy.
  • Ability to be there for every unique pregnancy and journey
  • Experience supporting women when their baby has died in utero and with women whose babies are not expected to survive long after birth
  • Emotional and practical support leading up to the birth
  • 24/7 online support, I’m there for you when you need
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources on your birth choices (homebirth, hospital birth, surgical birth) what to expect
  • Liaise with hospital and other health providers
  • Liaise with family and friends
  • Perform household duties
  • Connect you with community support services
  • Experienced birth doula to support you physically, emotionally, and practically during every moment of your birth
  • After the birth of your baby I am happy to stay with you while you greet them or I can leave you to be with your baby in privacy.
  • I am able to takes photos at any stage, even if you are unsure I can take them and keep them for you if you ever change your mind
  • Assist with a memory box
  • Facilitate any arrangements for your baby
  • Dedicated post natal support
  • I can assist you in bringing your baby home.  After 20 weeks all babies must have their birth and death registered however there is nothing to say that you cannot have your baby with you at home untill you are ready to let them go.  It is very possible to keep your baby at home from 4-6 days without issue.
  • Help with any services you may have for your baby.  I am associated with some of the best funeral directors in Melbourne who are experienced caring for babies and very open to having as much or as little involvement of the family as desired.

Steps are currently being taken to turn this service in to a not for profit charity however until then I am having to charge clients to cover my costs only, I do not charge to acquire a profit.  I also offer a number of free bereavement births each year.

I provide the above services for $400 with payment plans available after an initial deposit.

Please contact me at anytime for support and advice.  If I cannot help you I can find someone within the community that can.

If you are passionate about bereavement birth support please donate to Your Village Doula and every donation will go towards supporting someone who could otherwise not afford it.