About Me

canstockphoto14102618Hello, I’m Kate, a Melbourne based doula, a bit of a birth geek and am passionately driven to support all women to give birth feeling safe, calm, and self assured!  I have a deep belief in our bodies innate11990499_10153259810338925_435301908041171916_n-1 ability to heal itself and birth our babies. In my mid 20s I became a mother and gave birth to a tiny baby girl via cesarean section. While I totally understood the need for the medical intervention during birth, my babies birth was as treated as a  procedure, purely medical and I felt the ripples of it’s negative impacts for years to come. I am so thankful for my first birth because it made me realise ALL births are beautiful and treating all births as sacred no matter how they happen is essential in the expansion of yourself and your family as you make space for a new member to your tribe.

My philosophy of birth is that it’s all about the mama. I do not possess a rare quality to ensure you have an amazing birth experience, as that power resides within you and I am honoured each time I am able to assist women to own their pregnancy, birth, and post partum. I do believe in the beauty of conscious natural physiological birth. I think whenever possible a mother and child should be left to experience this normal and profound becoming. I am passionate about protecting that and not losing its normality in our society for the sake of procedure. All birth is beautiful when a mother is nurtured, listened to, respected, autonomous and empowered by the people who s12508817_10153478676333925_5643296077561931238_nurround her. Deeply held. Deeply supported. During a time of such powerful vulnerability and hard work.

Eight years on, two more babies have come, both of which I gave birth to vaginally. While having heavily monitored high risk pregnancies and births which was not, I felt, necessary it has propelled me on this magnificent path where I have been joined by other birth professionals, inspirational women, and strong mamas. I couldn’t feel more blessed or be more passionate about my work.


Qualifications, Training, and Associations

  • Degree in complimentary medicine (In progress)
  • Certified Childbirth Educator, Diploma of Childbirth Education (In Progress)
  • Doula foundation training (completed with Dial a Doula)
  •  Holding space for pregnancy loss (completed with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death – Amy Glenn)
  • Post natal doula training (completed with Dial a Doula)
  •  Spiritual Midwifery training (Completed with the International College of Spiritual Midwifery)
  • Member of The Doula Network Australia
  •  Member of The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death
  •  Member of The Australian Breastfeeding Association